Why Crickslab

CricksLab was started in Dubai by a team of tech entrepreneurs and cricked fanatics, who realised there was an opportunity to bring an international level of quality to every cricket match in the world by building a one stop cricket solution to the palm of your hand. Having team members from global cricket powerhouses including Pakistan, Australia and India, the CricksLab team has seen the fanaticism of every level of cricket and have seen that matches are run in an archaic way that doesn’t use any modern technology. CricksLab is here to bring the awesomeness of stats and real time data to even match - from the players in the street to world renowned domestic competitions. CrickLab delivers a one-window-solution to track every ball, count every run and see real time match information from your mobile. Its a cricket revolution!

Our Mission

To redefine the way domestic cricket is played around the world, using digital technology to provide an ‘international’ experience for clubs, players & fans

Our Vision

To be the worlds leading online cricket portal

What we do Offer

CricksLab is a complete cricket match and league management solution that benefits Clubs, Universities, Cricket Event Organizations, Talent hunters, Game Fans, Advertisers, Merchants, Media and of course the Players! Checkout our suite of product features below:

Talent Hunting

Match Centre

Visit the CricksLab match centre to checkout all the live action from across the world. View matches, checkout ongoing competitions and leagues, checkout and join teams & clubs in your area, find your friends currently playing with Crickslab and search for talent if your a club or professional organisation.

Talent Hunting

Give us a try

Fully responsive Web platform and Apps that is Simple, Easy to use, and FREE with a lot of features! We have worked very hard to bring you a complete solution for your cricket game. Are you Cricket FAN or PROFESSIONAL? Come discover our products, you are just a click away to witness the cricket revolution!